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A selfie! I’m smiling at the camera, wearing a green dress, and sitting in front of a large amount of green foliage. It’s a sunny day and shining both on the side of my face and the plants.

Hi, I’m Alex.

I’ve put a bunch of things on the Internet, including:

This site is a one-stop shop for everything I’ve made – it’s either here, or linked to from here. If you’re new, you might want to start with my blog or my list of projects.

I’m trans, genderfluid, and my pronouns vary. If we’re strangers, “they/them” is a safe default.

I hope you enjoy the site.

Blog posts

I write about anything I find interesting or fun – there’s plenty of programming, but lots of other stuff too. Here are some posts I’ve written recently:

You can see more of my blog posts, or subscribe to the RSS feed.


You can email me at, or I’m @alexwlchan on Twitter.

If you enjoy what I’ve made, perhaps say thanks? I always love hearing from readers! ☺️