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November 2019 scripts: downloading podcasts, retrying flaky errors, Azure and AWS

I do a lot of automation, and I write plenty of scripts. Some of those get written up here as blog posts, but not all of them. Writing a post takes time and energy, and I write code faster than I write prose.

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you’re interested in scripting and automation, and might want to see some of those unwritten-about scripts. I’m going to start linking to some of the scripts that don’t get a full writeup. They’ll have code comments and a README file, but not a complete walkthrough.

Here’s some stuff I wrote in November:

Meanwhile, in the bucket of “looks useful”, I’ve just discovered the inquirer library (🐍). It’s a way to create interactive command line interfaces in Python – choose from a list of options, multiple choice, ask questions with a text input, and so on. I haven’t tried it much yet, but what little I have tried looks good.