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s3tree: viewing a tree of objects in S3 in my terminal

I’ve been doing a bunch of work to clear up some old S3 buckets, and I wanted a quick way to see what’s in a given prefix or bucket. I found the console a bit slow, because you can only see one folder at a time, so I wrote a command-line tool that prints a tree in my terminal:

A screenshot of my terminal after running the command `s3tree s3://wellcomecollection-storage/digitised/b21466154`. It shows a hierarchical tree with several nested folders, and under each folder is a list of object names and then '...N other objects'. The object names are shown in blue; the folder names are underlined with a dashed line because they're hyperlinks.

This isn’t a complete listing – it just prints the first few objects in each folder, so I can get a sense of what’s in there. The objects I was looking at have a pretty regular naming structure, so that’s plenty.

It’s particularly useful when I have several layers of nested folders – this is much easier than clicking back and forth in the console.

There are a few neat tricks in here:

If this might be useful to you, I’ve put the script on GitHub. I’m especially pleased with the tree-printing code, which is reused from another script and I expect to reuse again – a way to display hierarchical data in a terminal could have all sorts of uses.