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Oct 2021 Red heart How do you work with non-engineers?
Sep 2021 Red heart Getting a monthly cloud costs report in Slack
Jul 2021 Red heart Listing deleted secrets in AWS Secrets Manager with boto3 and the AWS CLI
Mar 2021 Red heart Drawing inner/outer strokes in SVG (clips and masks)
Jan 2021 Red heart How KempisBot works
Jun 2020 Red heart Large things living in cold places
May 2020 Red heart The friends I lost along the way
Apr 2020 Red heart Adventures in euphoria and embodiment
Apr 2020 Red heart Access to information is a privilege
Apr 2020 Red heart Storing language vocabulary as a graph
Feb 2020 Red heart A remote-controlled oven is a safety nightmare
Feb 2020 Red heart Building Wellcome Collection’s new archival storage service
Nov 2019 Red heart How I scan and organise my paperwork
Oct 2019 Red heart Adventures in Python with concurrent.futures
Oct 2019 Red heart Sans I/O programming: what, why and how (PyCon UK talk)
Sep 2019 Red heart Drawing with triangular coordinates in SVG
Aug 2019 Red heart Getting a tint colour from an image with Python and k‑means
Jun 2019 Red heart An inescapable conclusion
Jun 2019 Red heart Reading a Chinese dictionary / 读一本中文字典
May 2019 Red heart Questions to ask when writing a trans inclusion policy
May 2019 Red heart Creating a locking service in a Scala type class
Mar 2019 Red heart Creating a GitHub Action to auto-merge pull requests
Mar 2019 Red heart A day out to the Forth Bridge
Feb 2019 Red heart Working with really large objects in S3
Feb 2019 Red heart More advice on running inclusive and welcoming events
Jan 2019 Red heart Monki Gras 2019: The Curb Cut Effect
Nov 2018 Red heart My visit to the Aberdulais Falls
Sep 2018 Red heart Assume worst intent (designing against the abusive ex)
Aug 2018 Red heart Implementing parallel scan in DynamoDB with Scanamo
Aug 2018 Red heart Ideas for inclusive conferences and events
Jul 2018 Red heart A robot leaked my SSH keys
May 2018 Red heart Drawing ASCII bar charts
May 2018 Red heart Beware of logged errors from subprocess
Jan 2018 Red heart Getting every message in an SQS queue
Nov 2017 Red heart Downloading logs from Amazon CloudWatch
Nov 2017 Red heart A plumber’s guide to Git
Oct 2017 Red heart Four ways to underline text in LaTeX
Jun 2017 Red heart A visit to the Crossness pumping station
Oct 2016 Red heart The A stands for Asexual
Oct 2016 Red heart Creating low contrast wallpapers with Pillow
Oct 2016 Red heart Tiling the plane with Pillow
Jun 2016 Red heart Introduction to property-based testing
Apr 2016 Red heart Treat regular expressions as code, not magic