How to say thanks

I don’t get paid for the writing on this site. I earn a generous salary from my employer (previously Metaswitch, currently Wellcome), which means I can spend my free time on writing, conference speaking and open source projects.

If you’ve read something I wrote and want to say thanks, there are a couple of ways to do so:

Send me a message

I love it when people reach out to tell me they enjoyed something I wrote. If you’ve found something useful, used me as an example, or learnt something new – please send me an email or a tweet to tell me what you read, and how it was helpful.

Give me money

If you’d rather give a monetary expression of gratitude, I have a Ko-fi page:, or you can send me money through PayPal:

If you feel uncomfortable giving money to me directly, you can donate to one of the charities I support. That list includes:

Logo for Refuge Refuge is a UK charity that provides support for women and children who have experienced domestic violence. That includes telephone helplines, child support workers, and safe houses for people who are at risk in their own homes.
Logo for Cool Earth Cool Earth help preserve rainforests by buying land in areas at risk of deforestation, and entrusting it to local, indigenous communities. The charity is UK based, but they help rainforests across the world, including the Amazon.
Logo for Roma Support Group The Roma Support Group is a Roma-led charity that supports Roma families throughout the UK, including for welfare, housing, health and employment. Their work also includes advocacy, education and research.