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Control Centre: one step forward, two steps back

I’m not much of an iOS power user, and these days, most new features go straight over my head. As such, there wasn’t much in iOS 11 to interest me, and it took me a while to get round to upgrading.

One thing I was looking forward to was the new Control Centre. The ability to customise controls could come in handy, and doing away with the separate pages seemed like an easy win. Plus, I think the new version just looks nicer.

Now I’ve been using it for several weeks, I’m more ambivalent. Customisation has been really useful — I’ve done away with the unused calculator shortcut, and brought in Low Power Mode, which I use all the time. Most of the buttons look good and are easy to hit, and I’m having much more success with the chunky brightness and volume sliders. But as it advances in one area, so it slips in another. I have two big problems with the new Control Centre.

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