Talks and workshops

Below is a list of talks and workshops I’ve given, along with links to videos and slides where available.

If you’d like me to speak at your event, get in touch for details.

In general, I’m happy to speak at community organised, non-profit conferences that have a Code of Conduct, a diverse lineup of speakers, and cover my costs (travel, conference tickets and accommodation). I’ll also speak at a for-profit event if we can agree a reasonable fee. The more your event is doing to be inclusive and accessible, the more likely I am to say yes.

I enjoy talking about the social implications of technology, and the intersections with ethics, accessibility, diversity and inclusion. These talks are particular favourites, and I’d love an opportunity to present them to a new audience:

I can also write new talks, and I have a couple of ideas I have yet to present anywhere. Think your event would be a good fit? Let’s chat.

If you enjoyed one of my talks, found it useful, or shared it with somebody else, please let me know – I love to know I’ve been helpful.

A person in a green top standing at a podium, in front of a large screen with the words “duplicate bugs”.
Espousing the benefits of sans I/O programming at PyCon UK 2019. The coordination of my slides, jumper and eyeshadow is entirely deliberate. Image courtesy Mark Hawkins.