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Live Text is aware of how hyphenation works (kinda)

Here’s a screenshot from a Kindle book (from Silo Submerged, by WJ Davies):

Text where the word 'always' has been split over the third and fourth line.

If I run that through Live Text in Preview or Photos on Ventura, notice how it’s smart enough to compress the hyphenated “al-ways” into a single line:

It suddenly struck him the why of cleaners past. Although most were prone to telling their casters they wouldn’t clean, they always did. Upon seeing the perfect world that had been shielded from them their entire

But it doesn’t always work – here’s another except from the same trilogy:

Text where the words 'fe-male' and 'legacy' have been split across multiple lines.

which is transcribed as:

He understood the need for male and female relationships. After all, how else would children be born to continue humanity’s leg-acy? But he always thought that convention

Interesting that it picked up “female” but not “legacy” – I wonder if the number of characters on the first line is significant?