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How to count how many Discord messages were sent on a given day

Using the During filter gives me a count of how many messages were being sent.

On a particular chatty evening in the Mincemeat Discord (Oliviers 2024), I was idly curious how many messages were being sent. I worked out a way to do this with Discord’s search: use the During: filter and look at the result count:

Screenshot of the Discord search with a 'during' filter applied, and a result count just below it – 7,786 results. Chatty!

This can be combined with other filters if you want to see e.g. how many messages were sent in a particular channel.

One thing I noticed is when the server was moving quickly, these counts could occasionally fall behind – which I could usually see in the search results, whether the “latest” message in the search results was actually the latest message. I assume this is because my requests were being split across a couple of different search nodes, and they weren’t always able to stay perfectly consistent.