Lukas Mathis on iOS CarPlay and Android Auto

Lukas Mathis watched the video comparison of CarPlay and Android Auto, and didn’t like what he saw:

All I could think while watching this movie was «how can this possibly be legal?» Dialling numbers while driving? Receiving notifications in your car? Liking songs while on the wheel? And all of this on a super-laggy touchscreen?

I’ve been thinking similar things for a while.

I passed my driving test in July 2013, just after CarPlay (then “iOS in the Car”) was announced, although I’d been learning for about three years prior. Today, I find driving to be mostly muscle memory, but I still remember how difficult it was when I was just starting. I can’t imagine driving while using one of these units, and still feeling safe or in control.

It’s easy to forget that driving a car is a really complicated skill, and it demands a high level of concentration. A momentary distraction can be fatal. Legal or not, I can’t understand why somebody would one of these units in their car, and still feel safe to drive.