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One-step paste in the iOS Simulator

On the latest episode of The Talk Show, John Gruber lamented the two-step paste process into the iOS Simulator (about fifteen minutes in). It goes like this:

  1. In OS X, you copy some text, which gets saved to the OS X clipboard.
  2. You switch to the iOS Simulator, and paste, which saves it to the iOS clipboard.
  3. You long click in iOS within the Simulator, and paste again (this simulates the iOS paste action), which causes the text to be pasted in iOS.

Having to paste twice is mildly annoying, but it’s easy to fix. I have a Keyboard Maestro macro that lets me paste directly into the copy of iOS running in the Simulator.

The macro itself is very simple:

A Keyboard Maestro macro. "Triggered by any of the following: The Hot Key ⌘V is pressed. Will execute the following actions: Insert Text By Typing '%CurrentClipboard%".

It’s just a tweaked version of Gabe Weatherhead’s Paste as Typed Text macro, which is useful for pasting passwords into fields where pasting is disabled. I have it inside a macro group, which is configured to only be enabled in the iOS Simulator.

For it to work, you need to have the hardware keyboard connected in the iOS Simulator (Hardware > Keyboard > Connect Hardware Keyboard). This is what allows you to type in the iOS Simulator with your regular keyboard, and lets Keyboard Maestro pass in keystrokes.

There are a few other notes: