Hiding the YouTube search bar

This morning, I got an email from Sam, asking if I had a way to cover up the persistent YouTube search bar:

The search bar at the top of YouTube.

Three years ago, I wrote a bookmarklet for cleaning up the worst of the Google Maps interface, and we can adapt this to clean up YouTube as well. Unlike that post, this is one I’m likely to use myself. (Writing the Maps bookmarklet was a fun exercise in JavaScript, but I almost always use Google Maps on my phone, so I was never as annoyed by the clutter on the desktop version.)

If we do “Inspect Element” on a YouTube page, we can find the element that contains this search box: <div id="yt-masthead-container">. So we want to toggle the visibility of this element. Since it’s only one item, we can write a much smaller JavaScript snippet for toggling the visibility:

var search_bar = document.getElementById("yt-masthead-container");

// Check if it's already hidden
var hidden = (window.getComputedStyle(search_bar)).getPropertyValue("display");

// Set the visibility based on the opposite of the current state
void(search_bar.style.display = (hidden == "none" ? "" : "none"));

To use this code, drag this link to your bookmarks bar:

Toggle the YouTube search bar

Simply click it once to make the bar disappear, and click it again to bring it all back.

Something that wasn’t in my original Google Maps bookmarklet is that void() call. It turns out that if a bookmarklet returns a value, it’s supposed to replace the current page with that value. Which strikes me as bizarre, but that’s what Chrome does, so it broke the page. (Safari doesn’t – not sure if that’s a bug or a feature.) The void function prevents that from happening.

This isn’t perfect – content below the bar doesn’t reflow to take up the available space – but the bar no longer hangs over content as you scroll. I think I’ll find this useful when I’m pressed for space on small screens. It’s a bit more screen real-estate I can reclaim. Thanks for the idea, Sam!