A subscription for my toothbrush

Last weekend, I had my annual dental check-up. Thankfully, everything was fine, and my teeth are in (reasonably) good health.

While I was at the dentist, I had the regular reminder to change my toothbrush on a regular basis. You’re supposed to replace your toothbrush every three months or so: it keeps the bristles fresh and the cleaning effective. If left to my own devices, I would probably forget to do this.

To help me fix this, I buy my toothbrushes through Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save” program. I have a subscription to my toothbrushes: I tell Amazon what I want to buy, and how often I want it, then they remember when to send me a package. So every six months, I get a new pack of brushes.

Amazon always email you a few days before they place they send you the next subscription, so there’s a chance to cancel it if it’s no longer relevant. It doesn’t come completely out of the blue. And there’s a place for managing your subscriptions on your account page.

I’m sure I could remember to buy toothbrushes myself if I put my mind to it, but it’s quite nice that Amazon will do it for me. It’s just one less thing for me to think about.