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PyCon UK 2018

I’m sitting in Gorsedd Gardens, a stone’s throw from Cardiff City Hall. In my hand I have a fresh cup of Brodies coffee. In front of me is a bed of pink flowers, and an over-excitable squirrel. There’s a water fountain and a seagull behind me. Everything is quiet.

For now.

I’m back in Cardiff for PyCon UK 2018. This is my third year helping to organise the conference. Tomorrow is the set-up and A/V installation, and the conference itself starts on Saturday – the most hectic weekend of my year. It’s also one of the most fun – I’ve only been in Cardiff for an hour, and I’m already grinning at the thought of the long days ahead. The UK Python community is a lovely bunch of people, and it’s great to have so many of them in one place.

I’m doing three sessions this year:

I’ll update that list with links to slides and notes soon after the conference.

If you’re around, please do come and say hi, even if I look busy or shy! I’m never too busy for a chat, especially if you’re a first timer. And I’m sure all the other organisers would agree – it makes all the difference when somebody comes up to us and makes feel like our work was worthwhile.

Whether or not we run into each other, I hope you have a lovely conference.

~ Alex x