A delightful store for speciality spreads: Paul Rothe & Sons

Late last year, I wanted to find a jar of loganberry jelly as a Christmas present for my granddad. This turned out to be surprisingly difficult to find – it’s a rare flavour that isn’t in any of the supermarkets, and even Fortnum & Mason and Harrods both came up short. I did find it on Amazon, but something about buying jam on Amazon just feels wrong.

Googling turned up an article about a place called Paul Rothe & Sons, a small family-run deli in Marylebone. I walked over on my lunch break, and found a cosy little shop – tables for eating sandwiches and drinks, and walls stacked with a huge variety of jams and spreads. I had a little trouble finding what I wanted, but one of the owners (Stephen Rothe) helped me find exactly what I wanted.

Sadly I couldn’t stay for lunch (and it was so busy, I’m not sure I’d have found a seat!), but there was a very relaxed air among the tables. I did grab a sausage sandwich to go, and it was warm and tasty. Perfect for a cold December day!

If you’re ever in London and need an unusual jam or a delicious sandwich, give it a look.

Two shelves, each stacked with two rows of jam in glass jars.
A very small sample of the jams on offer. The gaps in the shelves are from the jars I'd just picked up -- a pair of loganberries, and one of gooseberry.