More advice on running inclusive and welcoming events

Last year, I wrote a blog post with my ideas for running inclusive conferences. I was thrilled by the number of people who read, shared, or gave me feedback and suggestions. I kept all the suggestions in a text file, but I never quite got around to writing an updated post.

Just before the weekend, I sent a link to the post in a reply to this tweet by Ada Powers:

If you have the spoons, tell me about the conference accessibility fails you've witnessed or experienced. Can cover disability, MH, and related concerns. (Name names if you want, but I'm primarily soliciting feedback to help others from making the same mistakes.)

Her original tweet got a huge response (so many good replies), and sent a spike of traffic to my old blog post. I realised it was time to update it properly, so I dusted it off and wrote a new version. You can read my updated advice at

The new version includes:

And because it’s no longer a point-in-time snapshot (like a blog post), I’m hoping to update this version a little more regularly.