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How to do parallel downloads with youtube-dl

I’m a regular user of youtube-dl, a command-line program for downloading videos from YouTube (and other sites). You can use youtube-dl to download individual videos, or you can ask it to download an entire playlist. When it’s downloading a playlist, it downloads the individual videos one-by-one, which isn’t particularly fast.

Here’s a shell snippet that downloads playlist videos in parallel, which is faster:

youtube-dl --get-id "$PLAYLIST_URL" \
  | xargs -I '{}' -P 5 youtube-dl '{}'

The first command (--get-id) gets a list of video IDs in the playlist, one per line. Those IDs get piped to xargs, which calls individual instances of youtube-dl to download each video. Because I’m passing -P 5 to xargs, it runs up to 5 parallel instances of youtube-dl at a time.

In some informal testing as I was writing this post, I downloaded the same 10 video playlist twice. One-by-one: 3m 30s. In parallel: 35s.