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Open a Safari webarchive from Twitter/X without being redirected

Disabling JavaScript when you open the webarchive file will prevent you from redirecting you to

Suppose you save a Safari webarchive from Twitter/X. When you try to open it, the scripts on the page will detect that you’re not logged in, and try to redirect you back to This is quite annoying!

This happens with JavaScript on the page, so you can get round it by disabling JavaScript. Two ways to do this:

  1. Disable JavaScript in your browser when you open the file, so none of the <script> tags get executed.

  2. Create a modified version of the webarchive file that doesn’t have any JavaScript <script> tags. Safari webarchive files are binary plists, so we can open them up, modify their contents, and repack them.

    Here’s a Python script that does just that:

    Create a copy of a Safari webarchive file that disables all the ``<script>`` tags.
    import pathlib
    import plistlib
    import sys
    if __name__ == "__main__":
            path = pathlib.Path(sys.argv[1])
        except IndexError:
            sys.exit(f"Usage: {__file__} PATH")
        assert path.suffix == ".webarchive"
        nojs_path = path.with_suffix(".nojs.webarchive")
        assert nojs_path != path
        with open(path, "rb") as in_file:
            webarchive = plistlib.load(in_file)
        old_html = webarchive["WebMainResource"]["WebResourceData"]
        nojs_html = old_html.replace(b"<script", b'<script type="application/json"')
        webarchive["WebMainResource"]["WebResourceData"] = nojs_html
        with open(nojs_path, "xb") as out_file:
            plistlib.dump(webarchive, out_file, fmt=plistlib.FMT_BINARY)

    You could also grab a copy of the nojs_html and save it to a separate HTML file if that’s helpful.