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Notes on A Plumber’s Guide to Git

On Tuesday, I ran my workshop A Plumber’s Guide to Git for the Cambridge Python User Group. I’ve also run it at PyCon UK and in my workplace. On all three occasions, it’s been very popular and I’ve heard people find it useful – on Tuesday, we actually ran out of space in the room! In an attempt to make it more accessible, I’ve written up the entire workshop and posted it on my site.

The aim of the workshop is to understand of the underlying concepts of Git. We learn exactly what happens in a typical Git workflow (add, branch, commit, and so on). We look inside the .git directory, and explain what Git stores internally to make those workflows happen.

If that sounds interesting to you, start reading the introduction, and continue from there. I’ve uploaded everything I use in the workshop – my notes, whiteboard sketches, and exercises. Typically it takes about two hours to complete. Enjoy!