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My favourite iMac accessory

I moved house recently, and this evening I was setting up my iMac. My particular machine is nearly five years old, and like every iMac of the last decade, all the USB ports are on the back of the machine.

It’s awkward to plug stuff into those rear ports, because I can’t see them. I fumble to get something in the right place, and only then do I find out if I even guessed the correct rotation. (For all having to buy dongles for USB-C is annoying, the symmetric connector is a really nice change.)

Sometime since my last move, I bought a USB extension cable and plugged it into one of those ports – and ran the other end round the front of the computer. Suddenly I can see the port, get the rotation right on the first try, and I’m not leaning over my desk to plug stuff in. If you’re an iMac owner who ever uses the USB ports, I really recommend it. They’re fairly cheap on Amazon (example, affiliate link).

A grey cable with a USB plug at one end, and a socket at the other.
A USB extender cable. Image credit: Jojalozzo on Wikimedia Commons.

In an ideal world, the next iMac design will feature easily accessible ports – until then, this is a good workaround.