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Finding even more untagged posts on Tumblr

When I wrote my original script for finding untagged Tumblr posts, I expected it to be a one-off. I never expected to write a dedicated site, or for that site to become the most popular thing I’ve ever made. I’ve been flattered by some of the emails and tweets I’ve received about the site.

But I’ve also been letting it stagnate. I’ve been putting off a steady trickle of bug reports and feature requests, and the site was getting rough around the edges. On Monday, I inadvertently broke the site completely with some changes on the blog, so I decided that it was finally time to fix it.

This is a fairly major update, which I’m calling “v2.0”. It’s a ground-up rewrite that makes the site much simpler and easier to maintain.

Along with a fresh coat of paint and lots of bug fixes, there are a few new features:

As always, the URL is and the code is on GitHub.

Feedback, bug reports, etc. can be sent via email or on Twitter.