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The Harry Potter Collector’s iPod

I like to think of myself as a Harry Potter geek, and I follow Apple as well. But I was blown away today by Stephen Hackett’s post about the Harry Potter Collector’s iPod. This is an intersection of my hobbies that I never knew existed.

Check out his post for what little information we know about this product – like Stephen, I can find almost nothing about it.

But I did manage to find a few things Stephen couldn’t – a few pictures, and the date it was discontinued.

There are some old terms and conditions on Apple’s UK website. This tells us when the promotion was discontinued, at least in Europe:

The closing date for this offer is March 7, 2006. All purchases must be made by this date.

And I found three sets of photographs:

I also found an Ebay auction with two of the devices for sale. It claims the devices were only for sale for a few months in 2005, but unfortunately all the picture links are broken.

I’m impressed by this device. Partly because it’s evaded my knowledge for so long, and partly for how well it’s managed to disappear. In the age of the Internet, where everything is seemingly recorded forever, it’s amazing to find something that’s been almost completely forgotten.