Provide bathroom baskets of basic toiletries

Finding toiletries (sanitary, dental, haircare products) in a strange city or country can be difficult. Providing them directly in your bathrooms relieves a bit of that stress.

I first heard of this idea from Write The Docs, who were inspired by DjangoCon Europe. Here’s an excerpt from DjangoCon’s sponsor brochure:

Bathroom basket sponsor
We’ll provide baskets with basic medical, sanitary and similar supplies for free at the conference bathrooms.

This ensures that if somebody is caught out in the middle of the day, they don’t need to go far for help – or miss much of the conference.

Examples of what you might include: sanitary products, spray-on deodorant, sunscreen, toothbrushes, dry shampoo.

Put the same products in all your bathrooms, including sanitary products – periods aren’t something that exclusively affect able-bodied women. Make sure they’re in the men’s and accessible bathrooms.

Providing painkillers and medication would be nice as well, but check local laws and rules first. You probably shouldn’t leave them unattended in the bathrooms (where children can get them). You might be able to give some out at the registration desk, or if not, point people to local pharmacies.