The short version

Encourage good behaviour

Pricing and financial assistance

Conferences tickets can be expensive, and that’s before you factor in any travel or accommodation costs. You can do things to make your conference more affordable to attend.

Getting to the venue

Inside the venue

Food & drink

Look after your speakers

Parents/guardians with young children

Be mindful of disabilities

A diversity of people

Badges, lanyards and photography


One of the great parts of regular conferences is having a chance to see people you don’t see anywhere else – for example, I have friends I only see when I’m at PyCon UK. But there’s a risk a conference can get a clique-y feel – everybody who’s been before knows each other, and you feel left out if you’re new and don’t know anybody yet. If you want your conference to grow, it’s important to make newcomers feel as welcome as the old timers.

That’s great, but I want more detail!