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Get a Palette colour as a command-line argument with Clap

Wrapping a Palette:Srgb in a struct and implementing FromStr for the struct allows you to take hexadecimal colours as command-line inputs.

I was writing a command-line tool using the Clap crate, and I wanted to be able to pass a hexadecimal string as an argument and have it be parsed as a Palette colour. Some of this work might be reusable if I ever want to parse different types with Clap.

These examples use Clap 4.5.4 and Palette 0.7.6.

Parsing a string argument as a Rust type

Clap uses the ValueParser trait to convert a raw argument value into a typed value. It has built-in implementations of this trait for certain common types.

For example, here’s a simple program that takes a single argument which is validated as and converted to a usize:

use clap::{Arg, Command};

fn main() {
    let arg = Arg::new("count")

    let m = Command::new("My Program")

    let count: &usize = m.get_one::<usize>("count").unwrap();

    println!("count = {}", count);

// $ cargo run 42
// count = 42

Parsing a string argument as a custom type

Initially I was looking at how to implement ValueParser for the Srgb type, but then I came across a Reddit post by Kbknapp that suggested instead implementing FromStr.

Initially I considered writing my own wrapper type and implementing FromStr myself, but then I remember that I can use from_str() to parse hex codes as Palette colours, which means it already implements FromStr – I get the behaviour I want “for free”:

use clap::{Arg, Command};
use palette::Srgb;

fn main() {
    let arg = Arg::new("wrapper")

    let m = Command::new("My Program").arg(arg).get_matches();

    let wrapper: &Srgb<u8> = m.get_one::<Srgb<u8>>("wrapper").unwrap();

    println!("color = {:?}", wrapper);

// $ cargo run '#d01c11'
// color = Rgb { red: 208, green: 28, blue: 17, … }

Initially I thought I’d have to write my own wrapper struct and implement FromStr on it, but then I realised I can just use the implementation of FromStr that’s provided by Palette.

You can’t implement traits for types defined outside the current crate, so a wrapper struct would be useful if I ever want to do this with a type that doesn’t already implement FromStr.